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Vice City Mods

Cool Vice City
Cool Vice City

This Has All The Info On Cool Vice City


This is a very fun, realistic and cool mod. It adds many new features to Vice City.
Here are some features:

- PCJ spawn mod

- A forever lasting gang war between a hatain and a cuban (punching) (they can never die because I set their immunities to 1 1 1 1 1, which makes them 100% invincible)

- My Bodyguard Mod: Spawn a bodyguard at the press of a button!

- If u die or get busted, you respawn back to the nearest road or path, instead of the hospital

- Cars can drive underwater in some spots

- Get Drunk Mod: Tommy can buy a drink at the malibu for $5 and you get drunk for a few minutes

- Dance Mod: Tommy can actually dance in the malibu

- Bonus Stuff: Indestrutable cars, unpopable tyres, heavy car (makes the cars stonger, not slower),unlimited sprint and ammo, etc

- Hostile Run: You have on of your own gang members to drive you around vice city in a bf injection with you at the back shooting WITH A MINIGUN IN FIRST PERSON MODE WITH UNLIMITED AMMO! Yes, thats right, a minigun in first person mode!

- Car Bomb: press a button to activate a bomb inside the car, u have 5 seconds to leave the car before it blows!

- I also might have a band of holigans that go around town with you. they go absulutly mad; pull people out of cars, punch ups, etc

- topfun van: Free rc bandit (no race), never goes out of range and is equipted with a bomb

- Turn cops on or off: by pressing a button

- Pop-da-boot: You can pop open the boot of cars by pressing a button.

- More parked cars: more motobikess at the bike shop, etc

- Drive in a bf injection, with a bodyguard shooting at people from the back!

- My very own NOS code is included: very fast cars!

- Save anywhere at any time!

- Cool Stuff: Tear Gas and The Camera that was used in the film studio

I will soon relese a movie too.

It is Comming Soon

Created By Tim Kutas